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The Assessor's office works hard to create an office that is transparent to the citizens.  Technological advancements such as our GIS Enterprise program to our COMPER program to social media/web accounts provides numerous opportunities for citizens to access important information concerning their property value.  



The appraisal industry is very dynamic and complex. With the innovative methods of valuing property, it is important that the Assessor has the expertise to ensure the valuations are fair and equitable.  I have well over 350 hours of classroom education in all aspects of property appraisal. I am a national instructor in assessment administration and policy. I have received professional designations for the state (TN Master Assessor) and national (Assessment Administration Specialist) and academic- CTAS/UTK (Certified Public Administrator).



Accountability is best achieved with policies of transparency and open government. The office is diligent in ensuring citizens have a voice and will continue to fight those who wish to silence that voice.

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